Blame GEORGE Bush and TONY Blair

type102I blame G Bush and T Blair for the present trouble in Iraq and the wider region.  OK, Iraq was not the best country to live in but at least it was stable, no bombs, fighting, suicide bombers etc.
Saddam kept a tight rain on things and the country and it all worked fine, people were going missing, but that’s how he ruled, people go missing in other countries but do we see other countries invading to stop it.So, Bush and Blair came up with the bright idea to invade, but they had to have an excuse and this is were they made up the story about weapons of mass destruction, all lies.

WMD was shown to be lies and the reports were made to sound sexy and a lot of countries were taken in by the lies including the UN.  Nothing was found, has any-one been held to account for these lies, NO.

America brought the reports to the UN and said they had proof that WMD was in Iraq and that Saddam was use them. Saddam always denied this and he was right, not one ounce was found by inspectors so the reports were made up just to get rid of Saddam.

Lies upon more bloody lies and look how many lives the wars have cost, tens of thousands and that’s the ones that are known about, and displaced millions. Bush and Blair did not have to invade, Bush did it because his daddy failed and Blair did it to stay friends with America.

Now the terrorists are running amok all over Africa, no-one is strong enough to stop them so we will end up with a continent ruled by terrorists. What will we do then, they will likely turn the wells of, keep a few for there own needs and to hell with the world, let them freeze, why should they let the oil go around the world they don’t need money.

When they have control of the continent they might move further afield taking over small countries before moving to the bigger ones.

So i blame Bush and Blair for this.



9 responses to “Blame GEORGE Bush and TONY Blair

  1. Well said Harry. I did a little post of my own about this madness earlier today…

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Boris Johnson’s remark that Blair should place a bag over his head for a time, was the first sensible comment about the guy I’ve heard in ages. I can’t believe people still give him air time

  3. Saddam was a monster, and the Iraqi people deserved to be free from him, but the way GB and TB went about it was pure idiocy. People were saying from the very start that they risked destabilising the whole region, and now look at what’s happened. There will be no justice until they’re in the Hague.

  4. And TB has the cheek to go around the world giving advice.

  5. I doubt that there will ever be peace in the Middle East. Look at the history. But if you’re dead set on assigning blame, these two scalawags are as good as any…

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