Funny medical terms, Part one.


ARTERY———————————–The study of art.

BENIGN————————————After you are eight.

BACTERIA——————————–Back door to a cafeteria.

BARIUM————————————What doctors do when patients die.

CESAREAN SECTION—————–A neighbourhood in Rome.

CATSCAN———————————-Searching for kitty.

CAUTERIZE——————————-Made eye contact with her.

COLIC—————————————A sheep dog.

PAIN—————————————–Getting hurt at work.

MEDICAL STAFF————————A doctors cane.

MORBID————————————-A higher offer than i bid.

NITRATES———————————Dearer than day rates.

NODE—————————————–I knew it.

COMA—————————————-A punctuation mark.

D&C——————————————-Where Washington is.

DILATE————————————-To live long.

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