Choose a good password

Always choose a memorable password!

A lady helps her man to install a new computer.

Once it is completed, she tells him to select a password, a word that
he’ll always remember.

As the computer asks him to enter it, he looks at his wife and with a macho gesture and a wink in his eye.

He selects a word but he is annoyed with her reaction, when he selects:             Penis.

As he hits “enter”, to validate the selection, his wife collapses with
laughter and rolls on the floor in hysteria.

The computer had replied: TOO SHORT- ACCESS DENIED!


8 responses to “Choose a good password

  1. Good one, Harry. I guess size really does matter… 😉

  2. LOL ! LOL ! LOL ! * wipes tears*

  3. Oh my! I didn’t see that coming ( no pun intended…..I don’t think 😃)

    Good one, Harry. 👍

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