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Poem: Age

The bones are creaking.

Joints in pain.

Starting to swell.

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Fort Hood shooting, justice or in-justice

45 families in America are waiting for justice after 13 people were shot dead and another 32 who were wounded in the mass shooting. Nidal Hasan opened fire in the army base Fort Hood on November 5, 2009 and he has never been brought to face trial.

Photo from Yahoo news

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He is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the shooting at the sprawling Central Texas army complix.

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Poetry: V

A vile vulgar

vagrant villain

in the vicinity of a viaduct

waited to violate

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Book review

A short book review.

This is my first book review and when you read it, i would like to hear your comments about it please before i go to the next book.

The only disappointment i found was the lack of a plot or a good story.

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Poem for woman and men

This poem was sent to me by email, but if you let me know the poet i will give them credit for it.

Please enjoy it because it think its great.

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300 Hundred followers

To-day my blog reached the 300 followers mark. The blog has only been going 16 months so i’m very happy how it’s progressing at the minute.

It’s getting harder and slower as time goes on to get new followers, but i know this from past experience.

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Poem: The Cloud.

A cloud appears.

Rolling majestically by.

Hiding the sun.

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My new poetry blog

I would like to introduce you to my new poetry blog.

It’s called ” Poets Corner .”

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Poem: A Child.

A child is a blessing.

To love and behold.

To nurture, to care for.

And watch it mature.

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Global warming.

The sceptics say there is no such thing, they say there is no proof.

They say that the glaciers are not melting, sea levels are not raising , and  just dispel all the proof as nonsense, and that green house gases are not harming the earth or us.

Countries like America, Canada, China, India who are the biggest consumers of fuels do not believe in it and are doing nothing about, ok, they tinker around the edges a bit.

How long do they think the fuels are going to last, another 50 or 100 years at the most. What doe’s mankind do then.

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Poem: leaves.

Leaves are our life blood.

They keep us alive.

Filtering the air,

that we all have to breathe.

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Love is

A tender touch.
Words said with love.
A loving glance.
Holding hands.