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I thought its time to let you all know.

ABOUT My New Blogs And Forums.

            I thought it was about time to let people know about  my new blog , my old blog and also my old forum and my new forum .

And last of all my new blog called ” Poet’s Corner “

A lot of my followers are subscribed to my new blog which was started on the 5th March, but they do not know who i am, that’s why i cannot subscribe to their blogs, if i did i would get double post’s.

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wordpress subscription button

I’m trying here to give some information to help out people who do not understand the subscribe button and my subscriptions.

Non-wordpress people have to use the subscribe button in the sidebar and enter their email address.

If you find the post helpful prehaps you would pass it on.

WordPress members following a Blog

You can follow (subscribe to) a blog as follows. If you’re logged in to WordPress.com, you’ll see the grey admin bar at the top of your screen while viewing WordPress.com blogs. Click the Follow button in the dark grey admin bar and that blog’s new posts will start appearing in your subscriptions reader.

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