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student debt

British student’s are compelled to pay back around £20,000 when they finish in university but only after they earn a certain amount. Poor student’s. I don’t think so.

I’m not classing all the student’s the same of course’ but i think i’m taking about the majority of them.

I think they should be working in their spare time and also when they are not studying, to get a few pound’s to help keep them selves’ while at uni and staying in dig’s.

I do maintenance work for a student landlord who has 3 house’s with 5 student’s in each so i see this every time i go to the house’s.

When they are not at uni, they don’t get out of bed until about 10 – 11 am, then they lay around their dig’s watching tv, eating and doing other wasteful thing’s instead of studying.

The house and the yard are full of empty beer tin’s, vodka, whiskey bottle’s and more drink’s bottle’s i never heard of.

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credit and store card debt

Britain has more credit card borrowers than any other European country.With the amount of credit and store card’s today,  it is easy to see how the credit card debt is affecting a greater number of people in the UK.  Britains credit card debt level is now totalling approximately £54 billion.  With the value of interest payment’s on credit card’s said to have now reached the £9 billion mark. The average consumer now has debt’s of over £3250 outstanding on credit card’s,  but there are a lot of people with debt’s in the ten’s of thousand’s.

Knowing that you are struggling with UK credit card debt’s is the first wake-up call that need’s to happen,  as this allow’s you to come up with a plan to seek debt advice or start to repay your debt.

The best way would be to cut your credit and store card’s in half and use cash,  this way you will not be getting into debt with your card’s, it might be hard to get used to but its something you must do.

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