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Missing street furniture.

type102On a recent holiday in October to Spain doing the usual things, walking around the town,  out having lunch, out at night for entertainment i never noticed any thing had changed.

Then one day standing out on the balcony which was on the 15th floor we could for miles and see lots of streets etc, it suddenly hit me.

Where are all the phone boxes, Spain had them all over the streets. No shortage of phone boxes if you wanted one, now none to be seen, all gone. Even the hotels have removed the phone boxes in their lobby’s.
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spanish holiday lost

To-day should have been the second day of our holiday on the Spanish island of Majorca, all told there would have been 11 adults and 6 children.

But alas, we did not get and had to forgo the holiday.

This started way back 3 month’s ago and i have been putting of the evil day to say, we can’t go.

The reason being that my wife had a very bad case of nerve’s,tension,nervious tension call it what you will, over something as supid as a broken tooth that she would have to get the gum lanced to remove the root.

Thing’s got steadly worse and she started to worry about other thing’s so the doctor did a complete medical and in total about 8 blood test’s and all was clear , and still she worry’s about herself.

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