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Going home, Trinet poem.


Poetry challenge: Trinet poem.

Going home
to meet
our family and all our friends
to be with the ones we
love the
ones we
hold dear

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Three Haiku’s, Poetry.


Listening to the news about the trouble

around the world this past

few weeks i wrote these three Haiku’s,

i do hope they get my thoughts across.

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Poetry challenge

photo lookingglassreview.com

This poetry challenge is to write a poem for / about Easter and it can be found at Poets Corner.

It should contain the words “Easter eggs” and “Easter bunny”.

Hope to see you all taking part.

You can submit a poem by leaving it here or going to HERE.


Poem: The mist- Haiku.


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Poem: The King

I am the king

so handsome

and strong

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