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Poem: Loved One

Poem: Loved One.

Photo from Yahoo image search.

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Poem: To-morrow never comes.

Poem: To-morrow never comes.

We live here in to-day.

To-day is with us now.

To-day will never leave us.

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Poem: A Home

Poem: A Home.

A lot of bricks and blocks.

Water, sand and cement.

Men and their skills.

And the passage of time.

This is what you need.

To build a house.

But it takes a family.

To make it a home.

Poem: A sad life

The old person died
And i am all alone now.
With no-one to care.
And for such a long time.

Then all of a sudden.
I was on the move.
Going to a new home.
Who would i find there.

Four people to care.
Look after my needs.
But alas, it was not to be.
It is my worst ever move.

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Poem: Letting go,its time to part.

Letting go,  its time to part.

The time has come.
For me to say goodbye.
To you me friend.
My faithful friend.
We have aged together.
But never got tired.
We have been to places.
Traveled on lots of trips.
I have looked after you.

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Poem : A life ebbing away

Looking up at the midnight sky.
I noticed a meteor flashing by.
Travelling so fast on its way.
To the outer planets far away.

Its seen places no man will see.
Been to many unknown galaxies.
In one of these far of places.
Has it been seen by another being.

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Poem, bad luck

My latest poem for all you poetry lovers out there.

This is not a straight forward read by the way.

Theres a little something for you to do.

As i walked through a wooded glen to-day.

looking at all the flowers and trees.

I ambled along a little pebble path.

And stepped on a lump of dog shit.

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poem, life’s a bitch

This my first attempt at writing a poem called  ” life’s a bitch ” and more than likely my last, so enjoy it while you can.
Please don’t be to damning about my effort.
ok, go ahead then.

This was me writing it last night.

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