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Poetry challenge: Nonet.

Write a Nonet poem.

Christine introduced this short poetry form to Poets Corner with her poem seen here which I am using for our next challenge.

The following will explain how a nonet is formed.

A Nonet has nine lines.

The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc… until line nine that finishes with one syllable.


Non authors can post here

Poetry challenge

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This poetry challenge is to write a poem for / about Easter and it can be found at Poets Corner.

It should contain the words “Easter eggs” and “Easter bunny”.

Hope to see you all taking part.

You can submit a poem by leaving it here or going to HERE.


Poetry challenge.


This is a poetry challenge on my other blog ” Poets Corner. “

Why don’t you have a go.

Poets corner challenge.

You can submit your poem by posting it in the contact me page.