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Mohammad Ali poem: Haiku



The king is dead

greatest sportsman that ever lived

R.I.P. Mohammad Ali.

An old persons poem.




My memory is short, poem.


Forgive my forgetfulness

I was not always like this

not knowing who you are

I have my pictures

your name slipped away

I know your face
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Forever friend, poem.

Poem for woman and men

This poem was sent to me by email, but if you let me know the poet i will give them credit for it.

Please enjoy it because it think its great.

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Love is

A tender touch.
Words said with love.
A loving glance.
Holding hands.

Poem: Loved One

Poem: Loved One.

Photo from Yahoo image search.

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Poem: A Home

Poem: A Home.

A lot of bricks and blocks.

Water, sand and cement.

Men and their skills.

And the passage of time.

This is what you need.

To build a house.

But it takes a family.

To make it a home.

Poem: Santa Claus


Poem: Santa Claus.

Excited children are waiting.
Knowing the big day is coming.
Getting the stockings ready.
To hang up for small presents.
On Xmas eve they might be.
Tracking santa on his journey.
That takes him to their country.
And eventually their house.

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Poem: Letting go,its time to part.

Letting go,  its time to part.

The time has come.
For me to say goodbye.
To you me friend.
My faithful friend.
We have aged together.
But never got tired.
We have been to places.
Traveled on lots of trips.
I have looked after you.

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