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Scam phone calls

Scam phone call warning.

People should be made aware about a scam phone call which is going about and which i have got twice within a week.

The first call was from India, which made me very wary right away, she said she was from Microsoft and they got a diagnostic report i had computer problems, that was the warning to me , because Microsoft do not phone any-one.

I told her that i was able to fix any problems myself and i did not need Microsoft’s help over the phone.

I phoned Microsoft Belfast and they confirmed it was a scam and i was right they don’t phone people, but they can do nothing to stop it.

I have just searched for this and have added this link it seems to be wide spread, please read it, very scary.

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scam phones calls

I got a phone call to the house phone from a girl from India, Pakistan or some bloody Asian country and it was nearly impossible to understand what she was saying.

Anyway, i understood Northern Bank account detail’s and she said they were going to be altered and could i help her out.

Well alarm bell’s rang all over the place and i undertsood what was going on , so i played along with her asking a few dumb question’s and answering a few of her’s that would not harm me or my account.I also made her repeat a lot of what she said out of pure badness.

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