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Sign The Leveson Report Petition

Leveson has announced his recommendations.

After nearly a year and at the cost of £1 million the Prime Minister is not going to implement his finding but stay with what we have now.

This has cost so much damage to peoples lives.

The victims of press abuses want them implemented.

Let the Government know that you support the victims.

Sign the petition now. Hacked of petition 

Read more at Sky news

Read more at LBC News

In the past 24 hours nearly 80,000 have signed up.

Re-blog this post please to get up to the figure of 150,000 so that it will get into Parliament and let them know what the people think.


Please sign this petition

The Philippine Government are stopping people going on the web by bringing in a law to prevent it.
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Otakus Of This World.
Show support for Anime Lovers in the Philippines.
You may all have heard of the recent “cyber crime prevention law” which has been inputted as a legal law in Japan.
Now Anime fans in the Philippines can be jailed up to 12 YEARS just for downloading 20 minutes of Anime.
If you think this is too extreme please sign this petition.

Soldiers wife’s petition

A dead British soldiers wife is being denied the proper pension by the British Government, please sign the petition below and pass it to everyone you know.

If you want to copy this post and put it into your blog your are more than welcome. If they get 100,000 people to sign this matter will be brought up in Parliament.

If you feel able to then please follow the link and sign the petition. Then also forward this to others.

This is a disgrace!!

Sergeant Matthew Telford of the Grenadier Guards was promoted to the rank in June 2009.

In November of that same year, Sergeant Telford was one of 5 British soldiers killed when a rogue Afghan policeman opened fire on them.

His wife and family will only receive a Corporal’s pension since he only held his rank of Sergeant for less than a year.However, he was killed on operations by the enemy whilst wearing three stripes of a Sergeant on active service.

Please sign the petition below to support a change in the rules that deny a hero’s widow the pension she deserves.

Please click here:- Soldiers Pensions

Please forward onto any sympathetic contacts that you may have in your address book.

It took me less than 2 minutes to do this;  it really is very simple to do.

Please forward to your friends and colleagues.