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Obesity crisis looming in Briton.

type102Another report on the news and papers about obesity and its effects has just been aired. People do see and read about this, they also hear about it continually but they choose to ignore it.


I cannot understand anyone for what ever reason why they ignore the warnings about their own health and how it will effect their family.

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obese people

Sorry if this post bothers you or upsets you, but the reading contained in it and in the links are the truth and there is no way to hide that.

I cannot understand why people eat unhealthy food all the time to such an extent that they make themselves obese and cause all sorts of problem and illness’s with their body.

And the adults are doing the same to their children from as young as 3 or 4, so the adults are setting their children up for an early death.

Following reports are from yahoo news you can read in full. part 1   and  part 2

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obesity, alcohol and drugs,

80,000 claimant’s are on benefits For obesity and addiction’s.

According to a new government report out to-day, more than 80,000 people are claiming incapacity benefit for obesity and addiction to alcohol and drug’s.

The report further state’s that, 81,760 people are dependent on payout’s because they are obese (1,830) or suffering from drug (37,480) or alcohol problem’s (42,360).

Some 12,880 alcoholic’s and 9,200 drug addict’s have been dependent on incapacity benefit for more than 10 year’s, along with 660 obese people.

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