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Muslim scum attack more people in Germany.

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Islam - massacre those who ... The “vulnerable” Muslim community

What kind of savages stone people for being trannies here in the 21st Century? I think we all know … Muslim savages. I consider all religions to be ridiculous but only cowards and hypocrites pretend that Islam is NOT the most homophobic, misogynistic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular point in history.  

In Germany – where the horror of the Muslim rape mobs of New Year’s Eve still hasn’t worn off – three Muslim males were arrested for stoning two transgendered people. The Muslim males tried to justify their action by saying “such persons must be stoned” because that is what would happen to transgender people in the Muslim World.  

One of the victims was quoted referring to the attackers as “barbarians” so I’m sure American Liberals would indignantly demand that the victim should be forced to attend one of their reeducation…

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Gay Hate Crime

Three Men Jailed Over Gay Hate Leaflets.

Three Muslim men have been jailed for handing out leaflets calling for gay people to be killed.

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In a “landmark case last month“, Ihjaz Ali age 42, Kabir Ahmed age 28 and Razwan Javed age 28, were found guilty of breaching hate crime legislation by distributing the leaflets outside a mosque and posting them through letterboxes in the Normanton area of Derby.

Photo from Yahoo News.

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