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old street games

Did you play any of these game’s when you were younger, i played them on the street’s, with both boy’s and girl’s taking part.

Did you every play them or what street game’s did you play. There will be another post soon with more game’s on it. It’s a pity the kid’s don’t play them now because the game’s will be lost for ever.


There whould usually be 2 or more player’s, each player would have different sized marble’s.

The game should be played on a smooth surface usually concrete, but any area of ground can be used.

A circle 1ft in diameter is drawn and that would be the target area.

A circle 2ft in diameter is drawn and you are not allowed within that circle to play.

The first player trie’s to get his marble into the circle, the second trie’s to knock it out but remain in the circle.

If they miss the third player trie’s to knock as many out as he can, if he doe’s he keep’s them.

There were boy’s with large bag’s of marble’s and they were the very good player’s.

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