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Six month old baby girl killed by dog.


The family of a six-month-old baby girl who died after being attacked by a dog have been left ‘devastated’The child was being cared for by it’s grandmother when the dog attacked, she received bites to her arms and hands trying to save the child.

The dog was destroyed at the house and is thought to be a pit-bull type dog.

I have made posts about dangerous dogs before and nothing changes, people still break the law by keeping them and put other peoples lives in danger, no matter how well a dog is trained it can turn without warning.

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14 year old Jade killed by dogs

Another attack by aggressive out of control dogs has resulted in the death of a fourteen year old girl.  She was going to her friends house and bought a pie for her lunch. The government said they would change the law but instead sit with their fingers up their arse an let it go on.

Jade Anderson

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