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My first new member joined to-day.

I got my first member on my new forum to-day and also got the first ” BOT ”  which is from google.

New Forum

The new member is Paul from the ” sons of thunder blog ” we have been linked for a long time.

Why don’t you take a look at the forum, have a look around, join in and post your own material.


I thought its time to let you all know.

ABOUT My New Blogs And Forums.

            I thought it was about time to let people know about  my new blog , my old blog and also my old forum and my new forum .

And last of all my new blog called ” Poet’s Corner “

A lot of my followers are subscribed to my new blog which was started on the 5th March, but they do not know who i am, that’s why i cannot subscribe to their blogs, if i did i would get double post’s.

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