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UK Government translation service

Hidden cost of translation and interpretation of the UK Government.

Why should the British tax payer have to pay for the translation of thousand’s of document’s for foreigner’s flooding Britain, it’s about time it came to and end.

The Labour government said that people coming to Britain will have to learn English, the present Government said that they should learn English before they come here.

It’s ridiculous that the service is provided. If i went to live in another country i would not expect this service to be provided and i would have to find someone to interpret for me and also i would lean the language.

A UK-based translation agency who work’s closely with Government estimated the figure of £100 million for translation and interpretation service’s to the UK Government is greatly underestimated, and that the actual cost is likely to be as high as £500 Million.

More than £100m of public money is spent on translation service’s in the UK. Local authorities’ spend £25m, NHS trusts £55m and the courts £31m on interpreting language’s.

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