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Please sign this petition

The Philippine Government are stopping people going on the web by bringing in a law to prevent it.
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Otakus Of This World.
Show support for Anime Lovers in the Philippines.
You may all have heard of the recent “cyber crime prevention law” which has been inputted as a legal law in Japan.
Now Anime fans in the Philippines can be jailed up to 12 YEARS just for downloading 20 minutes of Anime.
If you think this is too extreme please sign this petition.

An Islamic world.

This is how i see the world in the far of future, an Islamic Fundamentalist world.
Their population is growing three or four quicker than the Christian population so therefore they will dominate all countries, taking over completely.
Imagine a world where you never went to school to learn
no books or news papers with TV, computers, etc banned
no internet maybe no telephones, no sports played
no cinemas, cafes, pubs, dances, theatres, discos, all art and statues destroyed.
Your home devoid of any pictures, ornaments, luxury goods, music, TV,  radio this could and i think will be the future. Continue reading

Russian justice or in-justice

President Vladimir Putin has been elected for a third term and he is changing laws and ruling with an iron fist. No one is allowed to protest on any matter and all opposition members are being investigated by the police.The latest act was the arrest and sentence of three punk rocker girls from the group Pussy Riot.

A Moscow court Friday handed a two-year jail sentence to three feminist punk rockers who infuriated the Kremlin and captured world attention by ridiculing President Vladimir Putin in Russia’s main church.

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Chinese Kidnapper’s End.

The Demands of Kidnapper & CHINESE Negotiators.

‘I have 3 demands or I’ll kill the boy!’

Negotiators assess the situation from next door. 

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