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Amazing car video.


FIRST OF ALL, turn your volume up.

Set to full screen for best view.

The kids will love this short video.

Listen for a car crash, i cannot hear it.

And when the car re-appear’s, is it the same colour.

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New Pope, world celebrates by dancing, videos.


People around the world celebrated the new Pope’s election.

In England the Morris men danced.

Italian’s danced the night away.

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Dancing pony video.

A little video for you all, its very short enjoy it.


From youtube.

Enjoy the world in 3D

This is just fantastic.
Pick out any interesting location around the  world and click on it.
A page will come up with a photo.
In the centre is a circle with a triangle.
Click on the triangle. Now you get a full picture.
If it’s not a full screen, click on the four dots in the lower right corner.
Now with full screen, place your cursor anywhere on the screen and slowly drag the picture in any direction you want.
Left, right, up, down, slow or stop.
Panoramas and 3D Tours of the Most Beautiful Places Around the World! Click on the  City Names below and Enjoy !

Two great videos.

An airplane going at 200 miles per hour flies within feet of the cameraman.


These are both very short videos.

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Three very funny videos.

Short video Showing that men can multi-task.

Better watched on full screen.

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Clever Australian video with NASA photos.

This clever piece originated in  Australia.

You must have a look at it, its brilliant.

It is so very well done most folks don’t realize how much info he is sharing!


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UFO or weird clouds

Massive Weird Cloud Indonesia 2010

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Nick Clegg Says Sorry (The Autotune Remix)

I will explain who Nick Clegg is in-case you heave never heard of him, mainly for my overseas visitors.

Nick Clegg is the leader of the Liberal Democrat party and also the British Deputy Prime Minister.

He made a promise before the election that he would fight against putting up student tuition fees, but when it came to voting he was for it.

He gave his permission for the video to be made and released with all profits to go to his local hospice.

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Hudson river plane crash.

This video makes you feel as if you are there at the time the crash happened.

It is a 3D reconstruction of flight 1549.

It may be 7 minutes long, but its well worth the watch.

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The beach walker – unbelievable!

Unbelievable invention and there are more you can watch if you wish.
Just imagine the creativity in this man to get this to work.

It is well worth watching the video to the end.

Drone Pilots at work

This is a video of two drone pilots going through the procedure, tracking a car etc, before launching a missile to take the car and people out.

The University of North Dakota, graduated it’s first controllers this spring.

Three of the weapons and guidance system on the drones are products of Raytheon, it carries 6 bombs and two missiles, and you all know that the drone technology absolutely scares the crap out of the Taliban & Al Qaeda.

READ this before watching the video.

For non-pilots, these controllers are in Nevada and are each flying their own drone thousands of miles away in the combat zone in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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