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Alzheimer’s Prevention Project Test

Take this simple test and see how you do with it.Alzheimer’s disease costs the nation and the individual more than any other medical condition.

Yet, only one in 100 cases of Alzheimer’s are caused by genes.

This means that this devastating disease is largely preventable.

However, the earlier you take prevention steps, such as identifying Alzheimers’ symptoms the better

Go on try the test, i did but i can’t remember how i did. 🙂

Intelligence Test


Thoroughly understand each question prior to selecting your answer. And don’t laugh ( just yet ) at  Bill Gate’s and his score of just three.

This one is fun.  Think carefully.

My score was only 5, don’t cheat folk’s.

Intelligence Test.

You are probably going to hate yourself after this. It scores automatically, too.  A word of advice … Be sure to stop and think before you answer.

Please post your score here and also in the thread in the wordpress ” showcase topic ”