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Anxiety, Nerves and Panic.

If you suffer from Anxiety, Nerves and Panic Attacks, these leaflets may be of some help to you. You can download or print them off for your self or for a friend.

If you want to re-blog or share them on other sites you are welcome to do so.

They can be read by clicking, but there are ten A4 sheets, so that makes it a long post to read through.

Would you please let me know if you think this is a helpful post.

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Smoking indoors

Northern Ireland is trying to lead the way and changing the law to stop smokers , smoking in their cars when they have children in it.

Read more here for information.

Cigarette smoking has been completely banned for a number of years indoors in every building in Scotland,Wales, England, Northern Ireland , the Republic of Ireland and also many european countries.

If you go outside for a smoke you are not allowed to stand near a  security guard or doorman or anyone working, because of the passive smoking.

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ear syringing

I had a problem with my hearing when i was in company, or  listening when the tv was on. I felt this coming on over about this past 6 months. So i was very brave and went to the nurse and had them sorted. It was very relaxing, warm and calming, a bit like childbirth i suppose. So here is a little information for all the other people who think they need it. 

Earwax (cerumen) forms a protective coating of the skin in the ear canal. Small amounts are made all the time. Flakes or crusts of earwax break off and fall out of the ear from time to time.

The quantity of earwax made varies greatly from person to person. Some people form plugs of earwax in their ear canal. This may cause a feeling of fullness and dulled hearing. A hard plug of earwax can also sometimes cause tinnitus or even mild vertigo.

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Annual flu vaccination

Flu vaccination.

It is now october and the time has come around again for the winter flu vaccination ( what fun ) we both got our reminders 4 days ago.

Flu occurs every year usually in winter and is highly infectious, the symptoms include fever, chills, headache, aching muscles, cough and sore throat.

In Great Britain last winter 608 people of all ages died from the flu.

In Britain it is free to the following people.

Pregnant woman.
Anyone over 65.
Children who did have a chest infection.
School children with severe learning difficulties
People living in a residential or nursing homes.
careers for elderly or disabled people.

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chemicals found in cigarettes

On a visit to a chemist i seen a stop smoking notice on the wall, reading it i was shocked to read there are nearly 600 chemicals in a cigarette.

So i thought i would make a post about them, i knew they were full of chemicals but not as many as that.

More information can be found here

I’M a smoker and have been for just over 50 years I AM going to stop when the wife gets better, i have to for my own health.

You may not enjoy or like reading the post but you may learn from it, if you know a smoker pass the link url to them and they can have a read it.

Smoking a cigarette is one of the most unhealthy things a human can do. Cigarette smoke has been directly linked to an increased risk of many diseases including cancer, heart disease and even sexual impotence.
Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, raising blood pressure and increasing the strain on the heart.

Thirty per cent of all cancer deaths can be attributed to smoking. Cancers other than lung cancer which are linked to smoking include:
•Cervical cancer • Cancers of the mouth, lip and throat • Pancreatic cancer
•Bladder cancer •Kidney cancer •Stomach cancer • Liver cancer • Leukaemia

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house pets ??

Sitting watching the TV the other night i notice a spider on the wall so i went over and killed it, ( they look good flat with legs akimbo ) then i thought,  what is living and hiding in the average house with us.

So i put in a few photos for you all to enjoy, have YOU seen these pets.

Every home has ” house pets ” that we do not see and we do not even know we have them, because we do not look for them.

Most people will have seen some of them at one time, some are the most ugly creatures and i would hate to think what damage they could do if the were 100 or 1,000  larger.

Because they are in your home, it doe’s not mean your house is dirty, its just where they live.

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obese people

Sorry if this post bothers you or upsets you, but the reading contained in it and in the links are the truth and there is no way to hide that.

I cannot understand why people eat unhealthy food all the time to such an extent that they make themselves obese and cause all sorts of problem and illness’s with their body.

And the adults are doing the same to their children from as young as 3 or 4, so the adults are setting their children up for an early death.

Following reports are from yahoo news you can read in full. part 1   and  part 2

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Alzheimer’s Prevention Project Test

Take this simple test and see how you do with it.Alzheimer’s disease costs the nation and the individual more than any other medical condition.

Yet, only one in 100 cases of Alzheimer’s are caused by genes.

This means that this devastating disease is largely preventable.

However, the earlier you take prevention steps, such as identifying Alzheimers’ symptoms the better

Go on try the test, i did but i can’t remember how i did. 🙂

stop smoking

national health service

Shame on the present Government, but more the last labour Government for putting so much pressure on the N.H.S. with all the cut back’s.

A young married man, MR. Joi. Nelson from N.Ireland was told at the Belfast City Hospital that the doctor’s had found a brain tumor and that it was the worst kind to have.

They also said it was a very aggressive type and the outcome would be terminal.  At the Hospital he was given radium treatment and Chemotherapy.

He and his wife spent a lot of time on the web looking for help but found nothing. But by chance his wife who is a  BBC  reporter was out on an interview,  and got speaking to someone from Dublin and mentioned her husband’s problem they said they knew of a doctor in Dublin who preformed that operation.

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over weight kids

The people in Britain, in about this past 10 year’s or so have started to change for the worst.

The big problem is that people are getting to fat, chubby, obese, tubby, call it what you want to but it all mean’s you are Fat.

But the thing that scare’s me most is the kid’s, some as young as two year’s of age and they are twice they weight they should be.

My wife stop’s this year minding children, but she has two 11 year’s old’s until July, a girl who is slim and look’s normal ( shall we say ).

But the boy has a big problem, he is about 21/2 to 3 stone over weight, he has man boob’s already and his stomach hang’s over the belt on the trouser’s. He cannot run to play game’s and if he drop’s something he has to go down on one knee to pick it up and then he has the problem if getting up onto his feet again.

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