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Two New Awards

Teri from narcissists blog passed the Hug Award which is a completely new award for me, thank you Teri.

Lynda passed me the Kreativ blogger award from her blog

Lynda Renham Cook  and i thank her for it.

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Dark Globe Writing Contest

14 Days Until Liftoff!!

Please go to this link to read the complete post by darkjade68

18 Days Until The Dark Globe Create a World Writing Contest!

I just wanted to give you all a bit of Info. on The Up and Coming Dark Globe Create A World Writing Contest.

The Rules; (These Will Be Updated and Given out on April 1st As Well)

1) The Writers will be Allowed 1,200 Words to Write a Short Story, or Part of a Story.

2) There Will Be 9 Judges which I am in the Midst of Gathering (None of the Judges will be Partaking in the Contest)

3) The Contest Begins April 1st, 2012, and goes through April 14th, 2012, Midnight U.S. PST Time.

Writing Contest

A Writing Contest In

Writers… You Will Be Given up to 1,200 Words To Take Us Away…

To a World Of Your Making…

The Dark Globe “Create A World Writing Contest”


So get the thinking caps on and create a short story to enter.

New awards received

I have received yet another four awards from four great blogs, so i would like to thank all the people who sent them to me.

I think it shows me how people like my blog and the posts that i make, so here’s to many,many more of the same.

The first one is the ABC award which i got from Jen at the Jenchay blog.

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Dribbling Pensioner Has Been Tagged

Dribbling Pensioner 

Has Been Tagged

Darkjade from the Dark Globe, has just Tagged” one of My Posts Here on my blog  along with 10 others that were being tagged. It’s a game of tag that is doing the rounds so lets get on with it.

Here are The Rules.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

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A new award to my surprise.

A few days ago i recieved another award, this time it is from Lynda.Renham , she is a published writer, likes taking photos and enjoys her blogging, and i would like to thank her very much for it.

The ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ is for Blogs that make you feel good after you have visited.

Me, my blog, what a lovely thing to say about it, makes me feel better already.

But my problem now is i enjoy so many of the blogs i’m linked to, its going to be hard to pick five out from them all.

I know a few bloggers who do not like or do not want awards, so thats them ruled out, making it a bit easier for me, and a few others already have this award, so its getting fewer to choose from.

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Dark Globes Blogger Of The Year Award

dark globes Blogger of the Year Award

To my great surprise i’m one of three winners of the Blogger of the year award, i knew i was doing well but not that well.

I was up against two great adversaries who are great writers and have marvelous blogs.

The first is Lorna from Lornas voice and also Pete from Evolution of Insanity.

Apparently the voting was so tight for ten days that Darkjade felt it only right to pass out three awards in this section.

I would like to thank all the people who voted for me all through the process.

This is a new award that Darkjade started this year and i think it has been a big success that should be repeated next year.

So Lorna, Pete and Myself are Darkjade bloggers of the year for 2011, we can rest in the knowledge that we are the first to hold that title.

Two other winners were:-

Photographer of the Year La Plume Noir

Writer of the Year Michael Cargill.

Thank you all once again and have a great 2012.

Award Finalist

I have been nominated as a finalist for an award at the Dark Globe blog and there are 4 others in my section Blogger of the Year. The five blogs are as follows.

Blogger of the Year Final Nominees;

1) Lorna’s Voice

2) dribblingpensioner

3) This Time – This Space

4) Evolution of Insanity

5) Love is the Answer

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Jennifer Avventura Award

The Jennifer Avventura Reader Appreciation Award

I would like to thank Jennifer for this award she has a wonderful blog which is one year old just lately.

I’m passing on this award to those that have made the most comments on my blog since i started .  You have kept me on my toes, left comments, and tons of encouragement. For this I am grateful. Thank you all.

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Versatile Bloggers Award

Since i recieved my first Versatile Bloggers Award from Hocam  , i have also received the award from  Lornas voice , momfog , Chronicals of Illusions ,  sons o thunder  , mature student hanging in there   and
Words from my soul

At the same time i recieved both the Liebster and the Rebekah Loper Awards from Chronicals of Illusions

And i would like to thank everyone concerned very much for the awards and thinking my blog is worthy, it makes me feel that its worth while.

Thats my acceptance speech over and done with.

It can only go downhill from here 🙂

The Liebster Award

The Rebekah Loper Award

Now i have to tell everyone seven things about me.

1. I stopped working full-time at my trade, a heating engineer, 10 years ago i just got fed up with it and working.
2. Worked part-time at d.i.y. for people, started and finished when i wanted, never before 10 a.m.

3. 20 years ago i worked for an undertaker for 3 years, handling the dead from start to finish, and i must say i enjoyed my time there and we had some laughs, even at a few funerals.
4. I love being grumpy and straight the point, i believe if you have something to say, say it. If people don’t like it sobeit.
5. I also like practical jokes, our best friends got new expensive cases for a trip. While they were away i made up a letter from the case supplier inviting them to a hotel for a reception with others who bought the cases, and a prize of another set. They went because they told us about it and it was very hard to keep a straight face. They never found out it was me.
6. I have been married to my wife Gwen for 45 happy years, we know each other from the age of 17, we are each others best friend.
7. I like to have a beer or brandy or both when with friends or out to dinner, but i don’t like to drink in the house, i think it’s because my father never did. I might have a beer on a steaming hot day but we have not had any for years.

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