31 responses to “Someone offered me money

  1. I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn, if you’re interested πŸ™‚

  2. Same to you πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve had these in my emails. DELETE!

  4. Emmanuel flanagnan

    Harry I suppose some daft editor will fall for that load of crap
    As the saying goes ” there’s one born every day ” which is very sad because these bastards are willing to rip them off

  5. Emmanuel flanagnan

    Harry this is a very sad message ,unfortunately some poor soul will fall for this scam, like the old dying ” there’s one fool born every day”

  6. Great English, and if you are interested can I offer you a Ford Fusion. I can send you a wheel as a deposit to show good faith… nice one Harry…

  7. It’s a scam! I got the same message. Don’t respond or give any of your personal information out. They’re trying to steal your identity and everything you have.

  8. Nah… I’ll pass… πŸ™‚

  9. i received letters like this.everytime I forward to police department, now it stopped.this is a scam,beware….safe guard youself never respond.

  10. Harry’s got enough money to BUY Liberia β€” hehe

  11. Hello Harry, nice to meet you. When I get these I reply saying I would care to have the funds in small pieces of gold or silver bullion as to avoid tax complications. Then selling such pieces at $1,500 or less invites not IRS scrutiny. Never a reply back.

    • Nice to meet you also but I have seen you about a lot and I think you go to my other blog, poets corner.

      Yes I also get a lot of these but never reply.

  12. So where’d you get that “Community” thingy on your footer Harry? Is that a Plug-In? Or, a Widget? Or what?

  13. Sorry- on the sidebar.. not the footer.

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