Is Jihadi John dead


I do hope so.


He was a despicable murderer, an Islamic State Executioner.

He was a parasite, who along with the rest of his I.S friends, no not friends, his other murdering shit of humanity.

He and I.S are giving Islam and all good peaceful Muslims a bad name.

May he rot in hell for all eternity and never get his 7 virgins to look after him.

4 responses to “Is Jihadi John dead

  1. I hope so as well. I hope he has seven of his victims to ‘take care’ of him…….for ever.

  2. I agree that extremists in all religions and political parties give moderates of those religions/political parties a bad name (and something to fear from all concerned). I’m so proud of the Oregon Governor who has publicized her stand on keeping the state open to Serbian refugees, 98% of whom are children.

  3. I agree about giving religions a bad name, but I don’t think its big about the Governor 98% of Serbians are Christians of some sort.

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