Do Dogs go to Heaven?



Absolutely unreal that this actually happened!

These two churches face each other across a busy street.










5 responses to “Do Dogs go to Heaven?

  1. Now that was a war of words and a half! Too funny! I wonder if the various church councils had to approve each week’s message? As for me, I’ll expect to see all my dogs’ souls in my version of heaven (with a small ‘h’)–then again, Buddhists tend not to put up signs to shout at each other!

  2. All animals go to Heaven. And they have souls. As James Herriot said ‘If having a soul means being able to give love and loyalty and bring so much joy to us, then animals are better off than many human beings’. Or words to that effect.
    I hope to see all my lost fur babies when I pop me clogs. I couldn’t face eternity without my cats and I don’t believe God would allow that. 😉

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