Islamic State, barbaric sick murders.

type102Islamic state followers must be the worst drags / scum from the Muslim people all over the world.

To do these murders in such a barbaric way and also to execute 1,000s of men woman and children just because they do not want to join them.

Can the Muslims not see how they act and what they do before they go to join them.

The coalition needs to step up its bombing and kill as many as possible, there may be innocent people killed but they are going to die anyway from IS bullets.

These are sick deprived people who do not deserve justice of any kind, if any are captured hand them over to the people to give out their form of justice.

8 responses to “Islamic State, barbaric sick murders.

  1. Harry , I agree with you ,but if they are in this country that is the UK
    The PC brigade will find some excuse not to deport them

  2. Agree whole heartedly…

  3. They are beyond sick,Harry.
    They are pure evil.

  4. I believe that if people from the UK leave to support ISIS they shoud not be allowed back into the country

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