Muslims are not Terrorists

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This is written by a Muslim.

There are some disgusting people who associate Islam with terrorism. They believe that Muslims are terrorists. This is wrong. This is insane. It is a sick mentality. The Quran teaches peace. Islam is against violence. Just because a few people with long beards are terrorists, it does not signify that they are Muslims.
It is a fact that terrorism has no religion. People ought to understand this. People should not be insensitive towards a particular section of society.

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9 responses to “Muslims are not Terrorists

  1. Go to this young ladies blog and read the full post.

  2. Most religions – and especially Christianity – has blood, a lot of blood on their hands.

  3. My Muslim friends would agree that they believe in peace. As a Christian I believe in loving people. This would include people of other faiths. When you begin to politicize a religion and have the view that only your religion is the right one there are some grave and ominous consequences. Take for instance what is happening to the the Yazidi people of Northern Iraq. They are being killed and sold into slavery by the fanatical Muslim group ISA. May there be peace in the world and may God stop this bloodshed!

  4. Thank you, I agree with you.

  5. To say that all Muslims are terrorist
    Is to say that all Catholics in Ireland support the IRA
    And that all Protestants are in the Orange lodge or the UVF
    And we all know that is not the case

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