America, C.I.A. guilty of torture.

type102After years of denying torture it has come out that they did it.
The man in charge of the I C A  said they did it and no-one should be blamed, yes they should along with you, charged and taken to court, but then they can’t. The American constitution does not allow them, any-way a court would let them of free.

Everyone new they did water boarding, sleep deprivation, threatened the detainees that all their woman would be raped and the other family members killed.

This was keep secret from the President, senate and congress what shame  the C I A have brought on the U.S.A.They got little or no information from the detainees and indeed they found out that some of them were completely innocent people.

A congress man said all the C.I.A. men who took part in this were patriots, well I’m sorry, but I say ballocks, they should be charged with war crimes, taken to court and shamed in front of the world.

No-one will ever be prosecuted over this or held to account they will likely get medals. The detainees will never be able to sue for what happened to them, because America does not let people do that.

The only person prosecuted was the whistle blower who said that this was happening and said it was totally wrong, but the top people refused to listen to him, they just stuck their heads up their arse so they would not hear.

Well America who wants the world to like you more, you have done untold damage and your name will be even more hated. You will never be able to go to the U.N. or anywhere else and accuse someone of torture because this will be thrown back at you.

8 responses to “America, C.I.A. guilty of torture.

  1. I very much doubt anything was kept secret from the govt. It sounds like there was an anything goes policy and t wen right to Bush and then to Obama. The truth is that it didnt start with 9/11 its probably been going on for years. The Brits certainly used torture and that means their closest allies and masters were involved.

    • It didn’t start at 9/11 but it got a lot worse, they new it was going on, Briton did low level stuff.
      This will harm the USA greatly around the world and give countries ammunition to hit the USA with.

  2. Torture has been used in all wars they used it in Northern Ireland men/ boys were taking up in a helicopter blindfolded and told they would be pushed out of the craft unless they spilled the beans, which they were the thing was the helicopter was only about 2 feet of the ground ,but the prisoner didn’t know that !
    War is a dirty thing ,but is it a nessessary evil ?

  3. Fight fire with fire, give as good as one gets… a bunch of brain deads just beheaded four innocent people purely to agitate USA and UK..

  4. everybody knew they did.

  5. They did know, except the Pres;

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