Sainsbury’s ad for xmas 2014.


Although an ad for a UK supermarket chain Sainsbury, this video is absolutely wonderful. And as I am sure most people are aware it actually happened.

The ad was for xmas 2014


13 responses to “Sainsbury’s ad for xmas 2014.

  1. certainly an emotional tugger…

  2. it is similar to the video for Paul McCartney’s “Pipes of Peace”…

  3. Beautiful! I know the story. Thanks for sharing this amazing video, Harry. I’m a bit teary now.

  4. I remember seeing something like this on TV ages ago. Im surprised to see it connected to a supermarket advert

  5. The idea behind that film was fantastic, for all those brave, scared young men on the front lines on both sides, I salute you 👏👍💂👮

  6. That is brilliant…thank you for sharing…have a tear in my eye…damn it.

  7. My mistake Harry ,it was never a movie, but that video ad was based on fact. I noticed on the web that Sainsburys are coming under a bit of flack over their use of that ad

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