Spell checker, Poem.


I halve a spelling chequer

I got it on my pee see

its marks four my revue

cause mistakes I dew knot sea

eye right a word

and weight for it two say

weather eye am wrong oar write

it tells me strait aweigh

when a mist ache is maid

it nose bee fore two long

and eye put the era rite

its rarely ever wrong

I scent this massage threw it

I’m shore you pleased too no

it’s leter prefect in every weigh

my chequer tolled me sew



Can be seen on my other blog, Poets Corner

8 responses to “Spell checker, Poem.

  1. Arry ,Ur spel ceker isent wurken wright ,but mine is ha ha ha

  2. U du tat arry yu mite fine ure rong, ha

  3. Merry Christmas Harry

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