British Muslims killed fighting for the Islamic State.


There are something like 500 Muslims from Briton fighting for the so called Islamic State but they are nothing but terrorists.

Jaffar Deghayes

Yesterday we heard about Jaffar Deghayes, 17 who died fighting, and his brother Abdullah, 18 was also killed in April, their brother Amer, 20 is still fighting. It emerged this month that a fourth man from Portsmouth, Hampshire – Muhammad Mehdi Hassan, 19 died fighting in Kobani


They in a party of five who went together to fight, now three of them are dead.

Are we supposed to fell sorry for them, sorry for their families, i for one do not feel sorry, it was their choice to go. They were well educated and a good future ahead of them. The fighting had nothing to do with them, if they want to go and die, let them.

jj 15692c.jpg

This is a photo of them as they leave for their terrorist acts.

There are supposed to be about 5,000 to 6,000 Muslims from all over the world helping to murder and impose their religion upon everyone if you don’t follow them you are killed

They should not be allowed to return to their own countries, maybe more will be killed before its over and it will save the countries a lot of money locking them up and looking after them in jail.

Muslims in British society do not want to integrate or even accept our western way of life. Some of them go to extremes and physically fight in the jihad. But many many many more agree with their sentiments and support them without fighting.

6 responses to “British Muslims killed fighting for the Islamic State.

  1. Find out their names and if they are in unlucky enough to try to come back to the UK Bar the bastards and send them packing back to the hole they came from originally I have nothing against the Muslims that want to have a life here ,but I cannot stand the extremistsnot just Muslims but any religious extremists

  2. I say so what,, they do not deserve any air time,, their choice..

  3. A sign seen in a shop window in NI
    We would rather do business with 100 Muslim extremists
    than one British soldier

    This sign was in an Undertakers window

    • That sign would have been in a republican / Catholic area, they support nothing about Briton, but they take all the benefits they can and try to wreak as much as possible.
      They have Palestinian flags out supporting them, the next thing we will see is the Islamic State flags flying, anything to do with terrorists they support, although it is not all of them and can only be seen in the bad estates.

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