A funny puzzle.

A puzzle for you all to try and solve

where did the extra man go to

First there are 13 and then twelve

puzzle will change in 10 seconds


Well you must have the answer

9 responses to “A funny puzzle.

  1. They made the second row of 3 men change to two men. How? My brain is tired so I’m stopping watching this thing now! Good one Harry!

  2. Very clever! I think the key to understanding this is to focus on the first man on the left, and group of men he belongs to. During the 12-man pattern, the group on the left hand side has 5 men, but during the 13-man pattern, it has 6 men (whereas the number of men in the right group always stays the same).

    When the ‘bigger chunk’ slides from the right to the left sides, the chuck does NOT move completely to the end. It STOPS at the second man from the left. This effectively EXPOSES the first man on the left as a stand-alone person (with a bit of his hair missing), and thereby adding an extra man to the left group which appears as the 6th person (wearing black vest, white trousers standing at the back of the 2nd row of men–this man was missing from the 12-man pattern). But when the ‘bigger chuck’ slides back to the right, and the ‘small chuck’ fly over it to the left, the small chunk LANDS on the head of far-left man, and not the man next to him unlike when the ‘bigger chunk’ slides. When this happens, the number of the men in the left group is reduced to 5.

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