Missing street furniture.

type102On a recent holiday in October to Spain doing the usual things, walking around the town,  out having lunch, out at night for entertainment i never noticed any thing had changed.

Then one day standing out on the balcony which was on the 15th floor we could for miles and see lots of streets etc, it suddenly hit me.

Where are all the phone boxes, Spain had them all over the streets. No shortage of phone boxes if you wanted one, now none to be seen, all gone. Even the hotels have removed the phone boxes in their lobby’s.

It dawned on me then, why do they need them when everyone has a mobile phone even an eight year old. I suppose if you asked an eight year old where to find a phone box they would not know what your talking about.

I never thought any more about it, but after i was home a few days and driving around Belfast i noticed the same thing, no phone boxes, gone, vanished.

The modern advances are changing our world so much so that we don’t even see it, don’t take it under our notice.

I wonder what will be the next thing to disappear from our streets, houses, our lives, will it be for the better or make things more inconvenient.

6 responses to “Missing street furniture.

  1. The world is changing Harry for us old guys especially

  2. Interesting Harry! What if all the computer technology broke down for some unlikely but possible reason, people without what we now call landlines, and I know a few, would have no means of communication without public phone boxes? Mind you,lots of them were used as toilets! 😄

    • I have asked this question before Chris, if all the satellites went of at the same time the world would be at a complete stand still, communication, travel, TV, but to name only three.

  3. Now you are going to have me looking to see if we still have phone boxes!!!

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