Childrens cartoon, Muslim wants it of TV, sign petition.

Peppa Pig, a harmless children’s cartoon which is on British TV is under threat from Muslims who want it taken off.
The reason, because they don’t eat pork and its an insult to them and an insult to their religion.
What a load of  shit, crap, rubbish. All they have to do is stop their children watching it.
Please sign the petition below and make sure the children can watch this cartoon they love so muchthQO5WY41U

 Sign the petition here to save peppa pig


This has nothing to do with the cartoon or pork, it is just anti British, anti Christian and anti anything else, please sign the petition.

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14 responses to “Childrens cartoon, Muslim wants it of TV, sign petition.

  1. But if Muslims don’t watch TV then how come it’s a problem to them or their children ?
    Why don’t our government put a stop to all this crap that is all àbout the Muslim fanatics ! If they don’t like or aggre with the way this country is run ,then the should fuck off to the hole they left and complain about their own country
    Harry was it Muslims that complained ?or the PC brigade ?the same crowds that said Christmas is an insult to non Christians but the non Christians never complained
    Why don’t they mind their own business?

  2. I just say to them that think this, ‘piss off and leave us alone and get a life and stop taking them. When in Rome I say.!!!!

  3. What a load of horsecrap. It’s so crazy, I’m not even surprised anymore.

  4. Nonsense, this is utter nonsense.

  5. Just to add another perspective to this, Harry….What if there was a cartoon that showed Jesus or some other revered Christian figure in a derogatory way. Wouldn’t at least some fundamentalist Christians want that cartoon banned because it insulted their faith system?

    I don’t believe in censorship. I think “church” and “state” should be separate. If people don’t like what they see in museums or on television, then they should have a right to say so and a right not to visit or watch the things repulsive to them.

    We have to get used to living in a multicultural society because that’s the kind of society we live in. I just wish we could appreciate each other’s differences rather than disparage them.

  6. If they didn’t like it why let their kids watch it, they are in the minority and vast amounts of kids watch it.
    Fundamentalist Christians of which we have very few are just as bad, protesting about the smallest things, a charity Sunday football match ( we don’t have Sunday football ) stopping and insulting woman and men going into an abortion clinic.
    It’s a sad world if people can’t laugh at life in general.
    I would hate to live in a world of fundamentalist Muslims because there would be no museums, television, photos, bars, entertainment and I could go on to do a rant 🙂

  7. Lorna’ voice ,how on earth can you defend any religion that treat the females of their religion as second class citizens!
    When Europeans go to work /live in a Muslim orientated country they ( Europeans) must /have to abide by their laws/rules or face the consequences ,so can you really believe this to be fair ?they would not be allowed to dictate their views on the Muslims
    Now before you start, I am not against the Muslim community as such, it’s the zealots /radicals of the Muslim community, then I feel the same about any radical religious zealots /nutcases

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