Unhappy with new dashboard

type102Are you unhappy with the changes made to the old / new wordpress dashboard.

I think its totally crap and so hard to use, they make more changes for the worst

So if your unhappy go here and join all the other complaints, and believe me there are a lot, say your peace.

There’s an easy way round it, go to dashboard, click all posts and edit.


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19 responses to “Unhappy with new dashboard

  1. Thought it was just me unable to handle change Harry! Yes I agree it is total crap. I will say my piece.

  2. I’m with you! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

  3. I agree, Harry. Not pleased with it at all.

  4. do not edit your posts.

    Go to dashboard, click all posts and edit there.

  5. I am beyond frustrated! Been using WP for 10 years! Can’t update. Can’t embed or share our Youtubes! They should test and test before going live.

  6. FYI go back to the nice and easy WP we had.

    • You should go to the link and let them know what you think.

      • Did that. I have been with Matt and gang since they were 6 in a hutch. Not going to pick at them. They are amazing. They are so responsive to their lovers (and they have many)–I know they will fix this. Or stay the course that was.

  7. Thanks Harry! to think we had to dig through the dashboard!! They need to test this all around before going live. I am not fond of the dashboard interface–too much to weed through.

  8. Cha-cha-cha-changes. Harry. Especially in the computer world, changes are inevitable. They keep us on our toes. They keep us having to use new brain cells. Embrace change…resistance is futile! 😉

  9. This one definitely qualifies for official Fubar status Harry. Considering the number of complaints, I have to wonder if they had anyone at all check it before they foisted it on us! 😡

    • Like the award 🙂

      They did not, they used WP,COM as beta testers and i refused to take part in their sorry little dashboard, i still use the old and its best, i think it will take months to fix.

      I asked three questions and never got an answer just like lots of people.

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