I agree with this post.


4 responses to “Muslims…

  1. ulsterphotosimages

    very good !!

  2. They’re not over happy in France, and like UK they had their wee empire in north and Central Africa, so it’s their ain fault. Have a family on first floor, one next door, who a French woman converted to Islam, to marry her sweetheart. Individuals usually no probs with – like rest of gangs – when they start to wander around in numbers, and gangs gibbering away in different language gets us. My step son a real racist, but knows no history, some foreigners more Brit or French than us by years. After split with missus she got me into a shared house, from same landlord as her son, and lived with Aussies, Poles, some very strange English, etc. Harry in our wee corner we live comfortably wie the Chinese, Indian, and countries in between who offer late nite grub to us when we stagger out drunk, from boozers. I’ll talk wie em all. If they take minimum wage and the jobs we wouldnae touch wie a barge pole – is that really a problem?!

  3. Paul we have very few over here, but they are on the increase, i can see in the future that they will get chased out.

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