Suarez eats humans, photos.


SUAREZ must be sick in the mind, he needs counseling quickly and long term for anyone to do that three times that’s known about is beyond beleaf.

A top class world beating footballer, shame on you.

And for him to say it was normal in football and his country men for sticking up for him is unbelievable.

I hope all his sponsors pull the plug on the deals he has with them, that will cost him millions.




6 responses to “Suarez eats humans, photos.

  1. very good.. doesn’t take long….

  2. Ha! I’ve just been at a different blog showing similar images. Then I come here to find more! Very funny. 🙂

  3. Sadly these men are role models for young people throughout their nations and, increasingly, around the world. I think this pitiful example of bad sportsmanship should be permanently removed from the game and his victims should press charges.

  4. They bring in to much money to do that, sadly.

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