Gerry Adams set free

type102Gerry Adams has been set free, maybe for the moment, his arrest could or may not come about when the police file has been looked into.  He has been saying for this past 6 / 9 months that he has no problem talking to the police about the murder and disappearance of Jean McConville , so the police took him at his word and questioned him for four days.

Now Sean Fein has been saying he should never have been arrested that he is a politician and innocent. Gerry Adams has always said he was never a member of the IRA , lies he was and indeed one of their leading commanders.

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Gerry Adams turned himself in to the Police of Northern Ireland on Wednesday to be questioned about the 1972 murder of Jean McConville. Although allegations of Adams’ involvement in McConville’s death have been made public for over five years, Adams was never arrested until now.

These photos are of him in his IRA uniform as an escort at an IRA funeral, so if he was never in the IRA why was he there in uniform.


These photos are of him at other IRA funerals. 

Gerry Adams not a member and leading figure in the IRA, i don’t think so.

One response to “Gerry Adams set free

  1. What gets me Harry is this are the people that vote for SF all in favour of their selected party being involved in murder? I know that I could never vote for “any” party that has terrorists connections so that leaves me with very little choice here in Northern Ireland which is sad

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