Cute kitten video.


A video for all animal lovers

its very short.

You should watch on full screen for best result.


10 responses to “Cute kitten video.

  1. Cute Arry, but i’m a doggy person. Wish we’d more videos of oor wee mental 8 month old Yorkie, who actually tries to talk, & tell us when she wants a pee or poo. I’ve been toul i speak chien (dog) far better than French. Got the pup asking in dodgy high pitched admittedly, Ulster/Scots Engrish “Where were you,” quite clearly. In bits & pieces i’ve fed her all the contents of a “cardiac on a plate” – Ulster fry, & she loves it & wants more. Gotta bring the wee fur ball back to my natal land. She needs to run the strand at Downhill & Magilligan. Climb the Belfast hills, explore the rocky & sandy Strangford coastline, & steal an Ulster fry off our plates. I’ll bring the youngest step son who knows more about the Titanic than me. We had the Belgians in WWI, so a few of the aul hands may understan a wee bit of French. Keep these great wee snipets comin Arry, still a wee bit of a link wir the homeland, despite being at home ere wie the northern Ch’tis in France, who remind me a lot of the stoic, sarky humour of Belfaws & north Antrim. Hope you cruise thru the friggin marchin season wieout too much hassle. Even if you’re for it it can be a pain in the postillion at times. With first name Paul, fair guess which “side” i get lumped in wie – then i’m actually “William Paul” (William name for generations for males of family). Had sectarianism from both sides, so that’s why hate it so much. Can whistle ” Sash my father wore” her wieout hassleor questioning. French probably think somewot tae do with the mayor’s sash. Then on other han also whistle “& the Ira were far awy in Johnson’s motor” car too. great when you live abroad you can take the history over all in yer stride, without the bitchin & hatred. Soz Arry waffling again. Love the blog & the wee random things. Bugger Altzheimers – yer brain as sharp as a knife. At my age – approaching 51 in June, day after D-Day commemorations – already terrible memory probs. Yer of an age mate i think you could do a good article on the Belfast / Easter Blitz.. Rest of British Isles & world forgot we got the second worst casualties in the “Blitz period” in our wee corner of the UK. Love all the articles & the jokes from the other blog mate – keep em cpmin Harry – yer a Wordsmith.

    • Thanks William, i don’t worry about the parades any more, i stopped walking years ago and feed up with the trouble at them.

      I’ll try and do some photos etc around Belfast etc soon.

  2. Gave me a smile and a scream 😄

  3. I am always wary when you post something “cute”. 🙂

  4. did the cat do that haha!

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