Russia taking over Ukraine

type102President (Vladimir) Putin is in charge of this take over, no matter what he says, he is the man behind the invasion of Ukraine.Read more

He says they are Armed separatists / Pro-Russian activists. The way they are going around the country taking over buildings etc, i think they are troops from Russia, plus he has massed his troops just over the border ready to invade.


Ukraine cannot do very much because they depend on Russian gas to survive, but Russia has doubled the price for gas which makes it the dearest in Europe.


They are seizing government buildings, police stations, army barracks all over Eastern Ukraine and if there are any guns they hand them out to the people.

Do the men in the photos look like solders or civilians 

Europe will not do anything to stop this, they have no power as they depend on Russian gas for their people. That leaves the dictator Putin a free hand to inflict any punishment or do anything he likes. This will end up with Russia taking over Ukraine completely  and what will the rest of the world do nothing. absolutely nothing.

4 responses to “Russia taking over Ukraine

  1. So, so sad. there are a lot of Russians in our city here in Northern California. I hope Russia doesn’t invade our city to protect its Russian speaking residents.

  2. I should start worrying about it, Putin will not worry about it.

  3. He’s three steps ahead of the West now. Bullies are never placated.

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