Female Genital Mutilation in Britain.


The first charges in British history over female genital mutilation have been brought against two men – one of whom is a doctor.

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena, 31, who was working at the Whittington Hospital in north London, and 40-year-old Hasan Mohamed, who is not a medic, will face charges under the Female Genital Mutilation Act.

It is claimed the doctor from Ilford, east London, carried out the procedure on a woman who had given birth at the hospital’s maternity unit in November 2012.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘The charges follow an investigation by officers from Islington borough after an allegation was reported to police via a third party. Likely to be someone helping in the operating room.

How can any parent let their child go though this torture, because that’s what it is, it’s about time Briton started to prosecute these people doing the act.

Never mind who they are, where they come from, or what religion they are put the doctors and their parents in jail.

More at Daily Mail  the Gazette and the Standard

The photos are bad so i’ll leave it up to you to view them.

See the photos here

What is Female Genital Mutilation.

The tradition originated in ethnic groups spread throughout 28 African countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, and spread across the world as groups emigrated.

The circumcision or ‘cutting’ is carried out for cultural reasons, often because it shows a girl’s virginity on her wedding night.

FGM is defined as any partial or full removal of a woman’s outer sexual organs. It can also involve sewing up the vagina.

In cultures where the tradition is common, ‘uncut’ girls can be thought more likely to be promiscuous, unhygienic, and prone to diseases such as HIV/Aids.

The procedure is traditionally carried out by an older woman with no medical training and without any anaesthetic or antiseptics, risking infection.

Their basic tools include knives, scissors, scalpels, pieces of glass or razor blades. Iodine or a mixture of herbs is placed on the wound to tighten the vagina and stop the bleeding.

Prosecutors in today’s case have not specified what type of procedure is alleged to have been carried out.

It is thought as many as 66,000 women in the UK have suffered FGM with 24,000 girls under 11 also at risk

The council heard on Wednesday, March 19, that the number of women and girls living with FGM in the UK is likely to be around 170,000, almost three times the existing official figures.

It is believed that 65,000 girls aged 13 and under are at risk of mutilation in this country.

In spite of the UK law in 1985 banning what was then termed ‘female circumcision’ there has not been a single successful prosecution in the country.

15 responses to “Female Genital Mutilation in Britain.

  1. daftasabrush46

    Bloody (literally) disgusting Harry. Glad you brought this to attention of your international followers, as not generally known the so called culture behind this shameful & painful mutilation. As ex pat Ulsterman in France, i see this sort of thing reported regularly – remember France had a bit of an empire in northern Africa. Here there are far more Arabs & north Africans, & when they are caught doing this the French throw the book at em. No offence to Islam, but this is not right. I have some Arab & north African neighbours & acquaintances & i have no probs with their religion, but if i even thought they participated in this sort of sadistic mutilation i’d cut them dead. “Denounciation” is a taboo here, & the not talking to police is even worse than Norn Irn, but i’d report the buggers if they did this, weather the locals would ostracise me or not. Thanks again for highlighting this Arry. Too few people know it goes on.

  2. There are so many things that people do to there bodies that I personally find abhorrent, with tattoos and piercings being the least of them. But as long as they’re voluntary choices made by people old enough to make them, I keep my piece. But forcing someone to undergo something like this should be considered a crime in any place that wants to be considered civilized. I hope those guys get the maximum punishment allowed!

  3. I’m furious ! ! !

  4. Barbaric things still happen is no surprise to me especially in certain countries and religions.. no way in this modern day should it. ;(

  5. daftasabrush46

    Aye always hard to get anyone to talk or report it even if it has been done to them. Here in Frogland, the younger generation are starting to integrate, & rebel against the tight Islamic family constraints, though some remain in a little clique/gang very anti to the country that has taken them in & pays for their health care, benefits, etc, Just like UK. there are groups that live in a country that gives them succour, but spit in their faces, & hate the system that gives them more than they would receive in their “spiritual” homeland. Have lovely young couple of north Africans of Islamic background next door, but they are almost more French than the French. The lady does wear a scarf to cover her head a per religious thing, but more a fashion item as she wears it.& wears make up – very frowned upon normally by hardcore Islamists. Has borrowed things like an iron when first moved in & not yet organised, & returned it & gave us a freshly baked tray of brownies. Last thing she borrowed she gave us a big plate of wee buns.

    • Well you know over here we have very few Muslims and i think thats the way it will stay, the ones that are here do not wear the veil, good and bad in all sections.

  6. Harry what I feel is this what kind of a god would permit to happen to his followers Jesus would not ask it of Christians but the Jews circumimise children the people that preform these acts should be put on a plane and told to fuck off back to the hole where you came from IMO

    • They should be put on planes and sent home.
      Its not only Jews who are circumcised, many many Christians are circumcised as well for medical reasons.

  7. True Harry but that is their choice !circumimisem for religious /cultural reasons is a totally different ball game and brutal

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