Do you miss a period, are you worried.


Do you miss a period, are you worried, do you even care about it, do you know you missed a period.

I think missing a period or several periods doe’s not matter at all, do you or other people really care or do they even know when you missed a period, its not the end of the world, life will carry on as normal.

To me a period is nothing to worry about, its either there are not, its not going to hurt anyone even the person who missed the period.

Sorry,  maybe i  have mislead you, i meant do you miss a period when you are writing in your blog, or writing else where.


I heard about this on TV and found it very funny but annoying that i may have been writing for five years with my blogs etc but doing it all wrong.

Apparently a period is a sentence with a full stop immediately after the last letter. Big deal i thought everyone wrote that way. You can also use a period in an abbreviation such as Washington, D.C., if its in a sentence you add a coma.

Some people do write and leave a space between the last letter and the full stop but they are very few.

You can also end a sentence with a question mark because it has a full stop.

Example: Do you use a period?

So writers male or female now you know what a period is all about and you can go to work to-morrow or elsewhere and say to people, ” are you using your period properly.”

18 responses to “Do you miss a period, are you worried.

  1. live and learn. 😉

  2. I never missed a period that I remember!

  3. I miss periods all the time these days

  4. And, then there is the double period–that makes for a different kind of trouble..

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