Baby girl killed by dangerous dog

type102_72906052_mercury_ava_jayne_corless_08 11 month Ava-Jayne Marie Corless was mauled by an American pit bull terrier as she lay sleeping in her bed.The mother 20 and her boyfriend were downstairs at the time of the attack. 

She was taken to hospital from Emily Street, Blackburn, at 11 pm on Monday where she died.

BBC News

She mother and her boyfriend are under arrest for manslaughter. Blame the mother and her boyfriend because this dog is not allowed in Briton under the ” Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 “.

They are an attack dog, why would anyone want a dog like this especially when young children or a baby are about.

I know what people are going to say, i have heard it all before ” its not the dogs fault ” or maybe  ”  the dog was not brought up properly. ”  

No matter, the dog should not be in Briton, they are illegal, they are only to make some dick head young man look good.

The dog was put down a few hours later.

12 responses to “Baby girl killed by dangerous dog

  1. Put the stupid dog owner down also !
    greyhounds must be muzzled at all times except when feeding so why not muzzle all doge big and small

  2. Is that a picture of the poor little mite? The woman looks like a very proud mother. So you have to ask yourself, why would anyone have a dog like that in the house with a baby? If the dog came before the baby, it should have gone as soon as that little bundle was brought home. An adult wouldn’t win a fight with a dog like that. Why would a baby do any better? Unless it was Kal-El (Superman). Dogs are descended from wolves. They are domesticated by consent and regardless of the size of dog, they can withdraw that ‘consent’ at any time, which is why you should treat every dog with respect to minimize harm. Wether they end up in jail (unlikely) or not, the loss of their baby by their negligence will be with them for as long as they live. I would say that is punishment enough.

    • Yes that is the baby and the mother is twenty.
      There have been lots of attacks / killings by dogs like this over the years and the owners are starting to be jailed this pair need jailed, but the dogs owner MUST go to jail for owning the dog.
      Most of the dogs found are put down for the protection of people, there are very very few in Northern Ireland.

  3. Surely, they knew that they were breaking the law by keeping that dog. What a terrible terrible price to pay for their stupidity. I hope this is a lesson to any other lawbreakers who think they know better.

    • They must have known, its been the law a long time and its always on the news.
      Lessons will never be learned until they catch the dog breeders and send them to jail.

  4. This is a terrible thing. What a horrid way to die. Just this week a woman was mauled to death by two bull mastiffs, similar to pit bulls but much larger. There had been many complaints filed by this woman about these same two dogs. When they had mauled her to death, they continued to tear her clothes from her body. I have had pits myself and I know one thing about them: they do not see well. Sudden moves can startle and anger them because they do not always see what is coming at them. Many people who own pits think it is amusing to teach them to tear up tires and hunks of rubber, to act fierce as guard dogs. What they do when they teach the dog this is to reinforce it’s nature. Pits are hunter/killers, that is what they were bred for, not housepets. Yes, you can raise a pit with love and they will be a loveable animal……….to YOU, but they will not love everyone. I know from experience how quickly they can attack. My bull mastiff would let my youngest son eat out of his bowl and loved the little boys. I kept him chained if other kids were around. Neighbors were at our home one day and their 10 year old kept running up and screaming at the dog. My husband yelled at her to stop. Her parents yelled at her to stop and still she kept on. The last rush toward the do, he SHREDDED her arm! It was horrible. After the quarantine, I put him down. I swore I would never have another. Shame on this child’s parents.

  5. Thank you for the comment, the councils, police, etc do not do enough to get these dogs stopped from being breed until then it will carry on.

  6. I will never understand the comfort level people have with having animals around small babies. It has to be remembered that animals will in the end have ‘animal instincts’, they are not human. No matter how long they are around kids things can always change.

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