Obesity crisis looming in Briton.

type102Another report on the news and papers about obesity and its effects has just been aired. People do see and read about this, they also hear about it continually but they choose to ignore it.


I cannot understand anyone for what ever reason why they ignore the warnings about their own health and how it will effect their family.

BBC Report

From the age of six or seven people are obese, stuffing their faces with all the bad things that make you obese. When they are told they are ill and have to loose four to six stone, they will probably say i have tried and i can’t do it.

No you have not you moron, if you did you would not be as fat.

A survey published in 2012 found that just over a quarter of all adults (26%) in England are obese. A further 41% of men and 33% of women are classed as overweight.


Chairman Prof David Haslam said the crisis could get even worse than the “doomsday scenario” already set out.

The report stated: “It is entirely reasonable to conclude that the determinations of the 2007 Foresight Report, while shocking at the time, may now underestimate the scale of the problem.”

The forum called for GPs to protectively discuss weight management with patients, and routinely measure children’s height and weight and adults’ waist size, it added.

BBC News

6 responses to “Obesity crisis looming in Briton.

  1. I think the main problems are the numerous fast food outlets where it’s so easy and cheap to fill up with over sugared and over salted junk food, plus, the Supermarkets with their 2 for 1 and 3 for 2 deals, people then need to eat more (and get more waist) or eat sensible portions and waste more.

    Don’t even think about getting me started on the way people fill their faces with soft drinks, sweets and cakes, these should be seen as treats, not necessities – growlll 😦

    Rant over, now I MUST have a chocolate coated banana to comfort myself 😀

    • Your right to much junk rubbish food, i can say i have never had a fast food burger or anything else, i see them for what they are pity other people did not.
      Everything you mentioned are there to make us eat more and get fat.

  2. I totally agree. So many people are either in denial or are uneducated about food choices 😦

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