Romanians and Bulgarians coming to Briton.

type102Briton has open its doors to Romanians and Bulgarians and thousands are expected to come here over the next few months. The first coaches left on the 31st December for a three day journey.

People from the coaches were interviewed before leaving, most of the people were coming to work. But  a lot said they were only coming to beg and claim benefits also some said that they were coming to rob, pickpocket and steal metal for scrap. A woman 65 said she will beg with a sign saying she needs an operation for cancer, how sick is that.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

A man said he was only coming here to rob and pickpocket and he was bringing his son who he was teaching to do the same thing.

The people of Briton need to be more careful with their bags, phones and other personal items and of-coarse their homes, these are the things they are most interested in and where the most money is to be made.

The photos above show how London is now what will it be like when the country is flooded by them. Even when they are caught robbing or another crime they are set free instead of being sent home, human rights of-coarse.

Thank God we do not have a problem in Northern Ireland with only a few in Belfast and very few people give money to them, so we are seeing fewer of them about.

Don’t give money to foreign beggars no matter how bad or how poor they look, do you think they dress and look like that when they go back home, i’m 100% sure they do not.

18 responses to “Romanians and Bulgarians coming to Briton.

  1. I went the other way from UK to the Black Sea Republic of Georgia and haven’t looked back.

  2. the British government should watch the TV program NOTHING TO DECLARE and take a leaf out of the Australian policy

  3. Tax the rich, feed the poor
    Till there are no rich no more

    Ten Years After

    Bet you never thought you’d be thought of as rich, eh Harry?

  4. It doesn’t surprise me one bit, Harry. This country will let any old riff raff in….no questions.

    As I’ve said before, if you work hard for your living and to feed and clothe your children, are a law abiding citizen, pay your taxes and generally keep ones nose clean…you get stuff all (or very little) even when you fall on hard times and probably need some help. I’ve seen this first hand in the last few months. But, if you’re newly arrived here, have several kids to different fathers, drink, take drugs or break our laws, you’re treated with kid gloves and given every benefit known to man.

    Grrrrrrr!!! It makes my blood boil and makes me ashamed of my country.

    • Jessie you sum it up so well. I find it extremely frustrating that although I have paid 40 % tax and NI in the past – can I return to the UK and claim anything? Can’t even register for health care – there is meant to be a waiting period for expats. So nice to know where the money I did pay into the system is going these days. And yet could I claim benefit or get housing in another European country? Of course not, apart from anything else because I made sure I was relatively solvent when I left the UK. But even if I hadn’t been, I still wouldn’t have walked into government funded housing and a benefits system. Unless all these stories are a Daily Wail conspiracy (which is always possible) I just don’t see why the UK does it. It’s off the wall. Must be the softest touch in Europe. No wonder the pension age keeps increasing (don’t start me on that one!)

      • Go on, rough seas….write a post on pension age and what a soft touch the UK is; because your posts are always bang on and very entertaining. 🙂

      • @ ROUGH SEAS

        You go and live abroad in the lap of luxury in the sun and want our benefits, only kidding.
        I know we cannot go abroad and claim things British Governments are shit when it comes to the EU.
        Germany and France with others ignore most laws were Briton brings them in.

    • Likewise would be the thoughts of 99% of Brits Jessie, don’t give to beggars, unless their British 🙂

  5. I can understand your concern about the burden of more people in need on your economy, but just imagine if any one of these immigrants was a relative of yours in a foreign country. Wouldn’t you want that person to be given at least a chance without immediate hatred or judgement? Yes, there are people looking for handouts, but no one should ever think that that life is easy or these people are horrible. I just wish more people could find room in their hearts for all people, regardless of their nationality, skin color, or other supposed difference. We’re all people in need of something at some point in our lives.

    • I have nothing against legit immigrants coming in to work and benefit Briton, its the beggars, thieves, pickpockets etc we don’t want or need.

      Why should Briton take them when no other country does.

      British people get very very little help from the EU countries, but Briton helps anyone and everyone its wrong.

      America, Canada, Australia and others turn you straight around to the next plane home.

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