Two Muslims murder British solder Lee Rigby.


Rest in peace Fusilier Lee Rigby


Fusilier Lee Rigby was murdered in broad daylight on the streets of Woolwich, London in front of other people and passing traffic. He was going back to barracks and was only a few minutes away when he was attacked.

The two murdering scum were Muslims, with nothing on their minds other than murdering a British solder.


Michael Adebolajo, 29, and co-accused Michael Adebowale, 22

These two pieces of human garbage ran over him with their car, one started to use a meat claver on his throat and nearly cut his head of while the other used a butchers knife to cut up his body.

I hope these two low life scum who call themselves Muslims and insult the Islamic religion get whole life sentence’s and they will not be able to harm any-one else. 

They should also jail the preacher and the brother who would not condemn the murder, two more low life’s crawling the streets of Briton.

6 responses to “Two Muslims murder British solder Lee Rigby.

  1. they will be tried and found guilty put in jail and fed well the rest of their useless lives they should do what the USofA do a wee pill end of story Britain is far to soft to these bastards IMO

  2. I hope the prison officers ‘look the other way’ when these two monstrosities are getting the s**t kicked out of them.

    Sleep well, brave soldier.

  3. These two scum bags are to be legal aid why should they be able to apply for legal aid on be scumbag wanted his photo taken whilst Holding up Lee Rigby’s severed head holding a total disgrace IMO
    Harry what is your email address I want to send you a post from the BF on that very same subject you have my email address !

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