Sandy Hook shooting one year on.

type102One year after 20 children and six teachers were gunned down in cold blood, has the average American remembered.Remembered the torment the families went through, the promises that were made about the gun laws and the changes that would follow. Well nothing has happened  since that day, in fact thing have got worse.

In 2013, an amazing 30,000 people were killed by guns, its an unbelievable number of people dead from gun crime etc, not forgetting all the family members involved.

Sandy Hook 2012

President Obama has tried to change things but the gun lobby and members of congress  stopped things from moving forwards. The gun lobby seem to be in the back pockets of the politicians, not forgetting big business.

Family members of those killed sent amendments to congress and they to were stopped.

It looks like the greater American public and members of congress and the senate don’t care what happens as long as they can keep their little guns because the  second amendment says they can have one. Its time they got their head out of their arse and did something right for a change to protect the public and to try and make America a little bit safer.

A total ban on all guns is the only way to go, if this happened and was fully enforced there would be no reason for anyone to have a gun.

But it will never ever happen the murders will carry on, 30,000 dead every year with untold families destroyed.

15 responses to “Sandy Hook shooting one year on.

  1. can’t agree with you on that. Did you know that 1.2 million people are killed yearly in cars and 55 million are injured ? Let’s start there, more effective. Figures from

    • Hi Bill, we could also talk about the 1,000s killed by drones, but thats not the issue,
      The reality is nothing has been done or is likely to be done about guns in the states, as the ordinary person has no say.
      Since the shooting, more guns than ever have been sold, in some states your allowed to openly carry them into schools, restaurants, shopping centers etc, etc.
      As i said the gun lobby and big business tell the politicians what they want.

    • And i agree with you partly.
      You should be allowed to defend yourself, family and home with any means you can, if i had a gun i would use it as well but but bullet would be in his legs or stomach to stop him.
      A man walked out of my drive one night in the dark and i stopped him, he opened his coat and he had nothing on him so i hit him and put into next doors garden through a hedge 🙂 he didn’t wait around for another swing.

      • in Chicago, there are 10 or 20 murders in the inner city almost every weekend. Mostly gang – those guns are already illegal. The gov has enough laws, just enforce them.

    • I see reports on TV about the gangs etc in the country, the police seem to hold back on them and if they go to make an arrest the community protects the gang member in some cases.

  2. Inappropriate but I couldn’t help a laugh when I read about getting head out of arse. But we are worlds apart in our views, ie non gun countries like the UK and gun countries like America. Whenever I’ve had the discussion with anyone it’s usually pointed out to me that gun states where you pop your gun in your bag with your wallet and credit cards and keys, actually have less gun deaths per head of population. I just don’t buy it. Guns are meant to kill. It’s a bit like the nuclear arms race, everyone else has one so I need one too.

    As for cars (in the above comment) driving isn’t that far removed from the gun culture – macho attitudes, speeding, drink driving, actually using cars when public transport is available or those two odd things called legs – it’s all about cultural attitudes and until we change those (as if) we’ll never get anywhere.

    • How can a gun country be safer than a non-gun country, how many gun murders in Briton, Sweden, Denmark, The Gib, etc,etc very, very few.
      America, Mexico, African and Asian countries etc,etc have 1,000s each year so which is safer.

  3. Im not getting into deep discussion here Harry as it looks from the above comments like it could become quite controversial.

    Suffice to say this is a very sad time for those families and I think your post is rather a tribute to them than something to provoke argument. My thoughts are with them all at a time when I look forward to Christmas spent with five little grandchildren. A mother always feels at her most content when she knows her brood are safely gathered in whether that be at her own home or wherever, as adults, those children now live. Those families have been deprived of this contentment for ever.

    • Hi Chris, i like controversial 🙂

      My post is a tribute, but i like to stir things up and be controversial, but as i have already stated nothing under the sun will make America change the 2nd amendment even if the figure double.

  4. 30,000?? What a despicable figure. The issue will have to be addressed eventually. Whether it’s through total bans or more stringent controls I don’t know. I just know that too many people will die while the politicians sit around weighing up how much making the country a safer place will affect their re-election prospects.

  5. This always causes a lot of fights. Kind of a big argument. I agree with the fact that America should ban guns. I live in Australia and we banned guns not that long ago at all to be honest, and to tell you the truth, we’re doing fine. We’re all still alive, the world hasn’t ended. There’s no need for them, and I feel safer knowing that not everyone has a gun sitting in their car just waiting for the driver to get a little to angry at another person and pick it up…

    Love to the families. Hope they’re doing alright one year on ❤

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