Condom factories

Condom factories
by Roly

Captain condom

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PANASONIC CONDOMS: Quest for zero defect.
NIKE CONDOMS: Just do it.
TOYOTA CONDOMS: Oh, What a feeling.
EVEREADY CONDOMS: Keep on going and going and going.
PRINGLES CONDOMS: Once you pop, you can’t stop.
NISSAN CONDOMS: Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride.
STANDARD BANK CONDOMS: With us you can go so much further.
YOKOHAMA CONDOMS: Serious rubber.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK CONDOMS: We’ll never be too big.
CGS CONDOMS: Because only balls should bounce
DOMESTOS CONDOMS: Kills all known sperms dead!
PANADO CONDOMS: The GP’s choice.
SEIKO KINETIC CONDOMS: Someday all condoms will be made this way.
CREMORA CONDOMS: If it’s not on top then it’s inside.
KELLOGS CONDOMS: Guess who got it all last night.
CONTINENTAL CONDOMS: German engineering where you need it most.
CASTLE LAGER CONDOMS: The condoms that stood the test of time.
OLD MUTUAL CONDOMS: It all begins with a plan.
CAL-C-VITA CONDOMS: The Protector.
MTN CONDOMS: The better connection.
SANTAM CONDOMS: Covering South Africa.
NBS CONDOMS: Yes, Yes, Yes.
SASOL CONDOMS: Reaching new frontiers
DURACELL CONDOMS: It can last you up to 6 times longer
ESKOM CONDOMS: We light up your life?
BANKING CONDOM:  Non-refundable deposit
GUITAR STRING MAKER: Ernie Balls condoms. very highly strung.


10 responses to “Condom factories

  1. banking condom – non-refundable deposit

  2. I have to visit Condom in France just once for the photo with the sign. The French actually use the term “English Letters” for condoms, in return for us callin em French letters. They call em preservatives here – could cause probs asking for jams at times. In Australia Durex is a brand of sticky tape & can imagine the confusing convoluted convos asking for em in Aus. Friends mum worked in a garage shop once. A sheepish customer asked her if they sold condoms & she misheard thinking he said a brand of batteries & asked if they were the ones with the copper covered tois. Joys of varied Ulster accents.

  3. Guitar makers Strings,[Ernie Balls] condoms. very highly strung.

  4. the Duracell ones are my favourites

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